Credit Counseling is Required Before You File for Bankruptcy

Credit Counseling is Required Before You File for Bankruptcy Credit counseling is required through a government-approved program before bankruptcy can be filed. You may also have to complete a financial management education program. Proof of completion must be filed before the bankruptcy will be approved or debt discharged.

Tax Returns Must Be Produced Before You FileBecause of the new requirements with the Chapter 7 means test, you are now required to produce your tax returns in order to be able to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This means if you have not filed taxes, you must do so before you file for bankruptcy. This can pose a problem for some who owe back taxes, since these back taxes are not generally dischargeable in bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy Lawyers: Chapter 13 Attorneys & Chapter 7 Lawyers

Filing Bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make. In 2010 over 1 million Americans filed personal bankruptcy in order to improve their financial situation. Bankruptcy can help you prevent foreclosure of your home, stop debt collector harrassment and get a fresh financial start.

Many people turn to a bankruptcy attorney for help. Bankruptcy Lawyers can help explain bankruptcy law and ensure that the bankruptcy process goes as smoothly as possible. If you're considering bankruptcy and need help understanding your options, BankruptcyHome.com can help. We offer a Bankruptcy Case Review form that will connect you to a bankruptcy law firm near you that will answer your questions for free.

Florida Defective Product Damages

In product liability cases, as in other cases involving personal injury or property damage, the person injured (the plaintiff) can recover compensation (money) for any injuries or damages that could have been foreseen if someone marketed a defective or unreasonably dangerous product.

You should consult your Florida product liability attorney about what kinds of damages you might recover in your individual case, but the following overview can tell you the kinds of damages that are generally available:

Damages are usually divided into economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical expenses, other related expenses, and lost wages. Non-economic damages are pain and suffering.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Paul Hastings represents financial institutions in workouts, enforcement and collection actions and bankruptcy matters. We have represented lenders in agented and non-agented workout and bankruptcy matters, ranging in size from $5 million to over $850 million. We also have experience in debtor-in-possession financing transactions, and with our workout and bankruptcy capabilities, we have experience handling complex bankruptcy litigation for clients in a variety of forms.

Our regular clients for workout and bankruptcy matters include a number of regulated and unregulated lenders, funds specializing in the purchase of distressed assets and loan portfolios, and providers of credit enhancement for securitizations and bond issues. Our bankruptcy lawyers are familiar with the business and legal issues that can and frequently do arise across a wide spectrum of financial transactions and work closely with our corporate finance, real estate and tax lawyers in developing commercial solutions to troubled financings. We represent purchasers investing billions of dollars in troubled loan portfolios from the initial due diligence required in connection with the portfolio acquisition through the refinancing, liquidation or resolution of the individual assets. We also represent lenders facing different types of troubled financing transactions including asset-based revolvers, factoring arrangements, term loans, working capital lines of credit, real estate and construction loans, credit enhancements, equipment leases, surety bonds, securitizations and project financings.

Birth Injury Medical Malpractice

All parents wish that their child will be born healthy. Unfortunately, every year children are born still, or suffering from permanent neurologic or intellectual problems, and even from HIV infection, as a result of negligent treatment by doctors. In some instances, the child or the mother does not survive the pregnancy or delivery.

These injuries can often be prevented with appropriate monitoring and treatment. In some cases, the mother's history can include factors that make the pregnancy or delivery high-risk. In other cases, there are signs that the unborn baby is not developing in a healthy manner or is in fetal distress. If there are signs that the pregnancy or delivery has become high-risk and that the unborn baby is in fetal distress, time is essential. Indeed, in cases of fetal distress, the well being, and even the life of the baby and mother, depend on the immediate diagnosis and management of the complications that are placing mother and fetus at risk.