Capricorn - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Colors: Black, forest green
Fabric: Flannel
Focus Area: Knees, skin, teeth
Style Equipment: hiking boots, lip balm, cashmere sweater, leather gloves, antique jewelry, button-down shirts
Rock it Out: expensive fabrics in muted colors, athletic gear
Put it back on the Rack: loud colors, trendy clothes
Under Control: Simply Stunning
Who's Got the Look: Kate Moss, Sade, Amanda Peete, Kate Bosworth, Christy Turlington
How to Pull it Off: Being a practical Capricorn, you prefer low-maintenance styles. Fortunately, you've got classic good looks that don't require much work to keep up. Like model Kate Moss and soulful singer Sade, you look simply stunning with your hair pulled back into a tight bun. Capricorns rule the bones and your facial structure is quite interesting on its own. A single coat of matte lipstick is often more than enough to give you a little extra zing. When it comes to your clothes, you stay true to your earth sign ways. Thick, turtleneck sweaters in undyed wool bring you the fresh, clean, and cozy feel you crave.
Out of Control: Steel Magnolia
Who's Got the Look: Mary J. Blige, Dolly Parton, Annie Lennox, Dido, Patti Smith, Donna Summer
How to Pull it Off: Capricorn is the sign of ambition, and even if you take the road less traveled by, you'll still find a way to make it to the top. Your path? To become an icon of female strength. Like Mary J. Blige, you reach into the depths of your soul and share your pain so that others won't feel alone. Your sign is known for persistence, and you are famous for establishing a style and sticking with it through the decades. Like Dolly Parton and her frilly dresses or Annie Lennox and her cropped orange hair, your look may become a timeless classic.
Under Control: Clean Cut
Who's Got the Look: Taye Diggs, Jude Law, LL Cool J, Ricky Martin, Tiger Woods, Ryan Seacrest
How to Pull it Off: With your clean-cut good looks you fit right society's picture of a handsome fella. Hello, confidence! Your sign rules public image so you like to appear like you've got it all together. Like Capricorn Tiger Woods, you remain cool under pressure. Should your preppy shirts become dampened by perspiration, you'll whisk them off to the dry cleaners--even the washable ones since you like things that last. Your sign rules the jaw and teeth and like Jude Law yours may be strong and picture perfect.
Out of Control: Freaky Rockstar
Who's Got the Look: Kid Rock, Marilyn Manson, Dave Grohl, Sean Paul, David Bowie
How to Pull it Off: They say Capricorns are uptight, play-by-the-rules kind of guys. Well, all that repression has to find balance somewhere. When you let loose, your look can get a little freaky--sort of like the love child of a rockstar and a zombie. Women's clothes hold a strange and special appeal and you might dabble with black nailpolish and eyeliner. You're all about creating a mixed message as you dress in medieval torture devices and pontificate about politics and religion like Marilyn Manson. You're not afraid of traditions like marriage. Like Capricorn Kid Rock, you may tie the knot, but you won't be bound to anyone's rules but your own.