Pisces - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Colors: Sea green, violet
Fabric: Rubber
Focus Area: Feet
Style Equipment: Shoes made for walking/dancing/jumping around on stage, tattoos, nail polish, piercings, leather pants, lace
Rock it Out: fashion-forward clothes with a theatrical flair
Put it back on the Rack: anything lacking rockstar appeal
Under Control: The Lovely Nurse
Who's Got the Look: Cindy Crawford, Queen Latifah, Chelsea Clinton, Jessica Biel, Kristin Davis, Elizabeth Taylor
How to Pull it Off: Pisces are the helpers/healers of the zodiac, and you prefer to dress like a warm, fuzzy . The prescription is this: be polished and theatrical all at once. Your hair and nails? Done. To avoid looking like an actual nurse, balance strong, structured pieces like jackets and preppy sweaters with frilly and funky accents like lacy or striped shirts in unusual colors. Be warned: your shoulder will be cried on, so don't go overboard with the dry clean only pieces.
Out of Control: Devilish Angel
Who's Got the Look: Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Sharon Stone, Eva Mendes
How to Pull it Off: You've got the face of an angel, so why not create a halo? Adorn your flowing hair with tiny jewels and floral accents. Like Eva Mendes, your sign is known to have gorgeous, dreamy eyes. Dust on glowing shadow that makes you glisten and gleam. You like clothes that are both edgy and ethereal at once--sparkly, glittery fabrics and winged sleeves help you build your stairway to heaven.
Under Control: Prince Charming
Who's Got the Look:
Adam Levigne, Freddie Prinze Jr., Chris Klein, Shaquille O'Neal, Bow Wow, Mark McGrath, Benicio Del Toro
How to Pull it Off: Ruled by dreamy Neptune, you're the zodiac's answer to a romantic fantasy boy. Charming and sweet, you disarm the opposition with your smile. Your look is friendly and unthreatening--preppy sweaters and khaki pants are your style staples. Like Freddie Prinze Jr., you may like to add the dapper touch of wire-rimmed glasses. Pisces are know for their sensitivity and even if you're a notorious bachelor like fellow fish Mark McGrath you can't help but look like "take home to mama" material.
Out of Control: Tortured Artist
Who's Got the Look:
Kurt Cobain, Johnny Knoxville, Johnny Cash, Chris Martin, Seal, Joel & Benji Madden
How to Pull it Off: Pisces have a special relationship with pain--it's what fuels you and shapes your identity. Your ability to tap into these twisted emotions makes you the perfect posterboy for tortured artists. And, like Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, you may actually be willing to torture yourself for your art! No piercing needle has the power to scare you away. Your pain? You'll wear that on your sleeve in the form of tattoos. Like singer Seal you may even make a fashion statement out of your scars. Even your clothes look like they've been through the wringer--but the story behind them is what keeps people captivated.