About Green Loans - Think Change

About Green Loans - Think Change: "The Green Loans Program is offering free home sustainability assessments to over 900,000 households to help Australian families identify better ways to save energy and water, help save money on their bills, and protect the environment for the future.
Taking advantage of the Green Loans Program involves three easy steps:

* Step 1: Book your free home sustainability assessment
* Step 2: Receive your home sustainability assessment report
* Step 3: Choose which of the recommended actions you will take to improve your home.

The home sustainability assessment could identify actions as simple as switching to energy efficient lights and replacing shower heads. It may also recommend bigger changes such as installing a solar hot water or a grey water system.
Green Loans Subsidy

On 19 February 2010, the Government announced changes to the Green Loans Program. These changes are designed to ensure the program can meet the strong demand for free home sustainability assessments.

The loans component of the program was discontinued as of 22 March 2010. Existing loans are not affected by these changes.

We encourage householders to visit the Living Greener website for more information on government programs and available financial support."