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ATI Career Training Online - Affiliate: "ATI has more than 35 years of experience providing training to adults seeking rewarding, entry-level careers. We have the technology, the tools, and the instructors to help you change your life and earn a new career. Our Online programs will help you get the skills you need.
About Our Programs

Business Administration (Diploma) by Distance Education
This online diploma program provides students with a solid foundation in core competencies of the business administrator, and the technologies that support modern business ventures. Successful graduates will be prepared for an entry-level position in any industry, making valuable contributions to the companies in which they work. The graduate will have a valuable level of business acumen, financial skills, marketing and sales proficiency, human resource and interpersonal abilities.

Medical Administrative Assistant (Diploma) by Distance Education
The medical Administrative Assistant online diploma program will prepare students for work in the pre-hospital and hospital environments, physicians' offices, urgent care facilities, and nursing homes. Graduates will be prepared to perform traditional medical administrative responsibilities including greeting patients, scheduling appointments, filing records, purchasing supplies and equipment, patient admissions, and insurance billing and coding. Most of this work will be done using computers and special healthcare computer programs."