College of Business - Marketing - Major

The success of every product or service, from retailing to the nonprofit sector, depends on an in-depth knowledge of the marketing process. Through our mix of classroom work and hands-on experiences, students learn the ins and outs of market research, consumer behavior, e-commerce, new product planning, international marketing, advertising management, sales, and pricing strategies.

Top 10 things to expect in the Marketing major

1. Invent and create a product
2. Use your marketing skills to help a community organization improve
3. Create/Design a logo of your own
4. Laugh. Have fun. Laugh some more. Love your classes
5. Participate and run a real-life focus group
6. Travel nationally and/or internationally to experience marketing in the real world
7. Network with visiting professionals in the marketing field on campus
8. Learn market research technology used in market research firms across the world
9. Take classes that include competitive and fun semester-long group projects
10. Experience marketing as a part of life, not just a class or major

Exceptional environment - Both inside and outside the classroom, the College of Business provides an enriched learning experience."