College of Professional and Continuing Studies

La Salle University : College of Professional and Continuing Studies: "Would you like to become a leader in the emerging field of instructional technology management?
Are you ready to be part of the future of global training and learning?
Is your career exciting, interesting and taking where you want to go?
The future of training and learning is on a screen, online or on a device.

A Master of Science degree from La Salle University can help you become a chief learning officer, instructional architect, or designer and enter many other exciting and well paying positions. With a M.S. in Instructional Technology Management from La Salle, you will have the opportunity to occupy many roles within a company: assessing performance goals, developing learning objectives, designing instructional materials, delivering curriculum in classrooms, online or in blended environments, and using new and ever-evolving technologies to improve human performance and reduce costs.

La Salle’s M.S. in Instructional Technology Management (ITM) combines theory, hands-on design experience, and management skills to provide learners with a theoretical and intellectual foundation of instructional design principles, methods, and techniques. It provides an understanding of adult learning theories and the training to evaluate software, applications, programs, and methods in the context of the corporate training environment. This program provides opportunities to design, build, and implement multimedia and online projects for e-learning in corporate, government, or educational settings with an understanding of assessment and evaluation techniques. It also equips you with the leadership skills necessary to provide the vision, strategies, and solutions needed to create and sustain a learning culture. This program is designed in the context of the global corporate, organizational, or government training environment."