Speech & Theatre Education

Academics > Speech & Theatre Education :: Fontbonne University: "Combine your love of theatre with your desire to teach. Fontbonne's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) speech and theatre merges the education classes you need to obtain middle and secondary certification with the discipline classes you need to obtain your master's degree in speech and theatre. You'll leave Fontbonne with tools, connections and experiences that will make you a strong educator.
Why Fontbonne?

Classes are small and focused with day, evening and weekend programs that accommodate the personal needs of each student. Professors are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to your success.

Students deal with projects in their own discipline. Flexible hours make it easy to schedule up to three classes a semester around a full-time work schedule, if necessary.

An exciting opportunity for our graduate students is Mustard Seed Theatre, a new professional in-residence theatre company at Fontbonne. The company is headed by artistic director and Fontbonne professor Deanna Jent. Both undergraduate and graduate students have internship opportunities with the company, which focuses on plays exploring faith and social justice.

Students will not only gain professional experience (and a great credit on a resume) but also connections to the larger world of professional theatre in St. Louis. This unique combination of liberal arts education and professional theatre experience is only available at Fontbonne University.
What Can I Do With My Degree?

Your teaching certification allows you to teach at public middle and secondary schools. In addition, many private schools happily employ teachers who have both certification and a master's degree.
Our Commitment

Fontbonne University is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Through our core curriculum, students learn how to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. No matter what career path you choose, an education from Fontbonne will give you the tools to succeed in both work and life."