Cooperative Education - UMUC

Cooperative Education - UMUC: "What is Cooperative Education (Co-op)? Essentially, it is an opportunity for UMUC students to apply classroom theory to “real world” professional projects, and gain advanced academic credit. This is accomplished by developing a three-way learning agreement between a student, employer and faculty.

Application Deadlines
* Fall 2010: June 25, 2010
* Spring 2011: November 5, 2010
* Summer 2011: March 28, 2011
You are eligible for Co-op when you
Are an undergraduate, degree-seeking student at UMUC.
Have completed 30 credits, 6 of which must have been completed at UMUC.
Have completed 9 credits of coursework in the discipline of the Co-op position. For example, if you plan to earn Co-op credit in human resources, you should have at least 9 credits in business management, preferably in human resources related courses.
Have a grade-point average of 2.5 or better at UMUC (non-cumulative)
Have checked with an academic advisior and have a completed official evaluation on file
Apply to the Program
Once you have met the eligibility requirements for Co-op and obtained a new work opportunity, you will submit the online application.
After your application is accepted, you will submit a learning proposal."