Saving Money the British Way

Saving Money the British Way: "The English have long been admired for their frugality and practicality. Much of the reason why England survived the U-boat blockade during both world wars can be traced back to the tolerance of the English to live on the basics. There were many times in British history where food, toiletries and even garments were rationed. Many lessons can be learned from the people of the tiny island nation of England.

Be a Utilitarian
My folks are from the UK and I recall visiting my grandfather as a child. He would grow most of his own food in his garden, so he had a rainwater collection barrel but not only did he water his plants but he even showered with it. Water is water; it doesn’t matter if you pay for it out of a tap or collect it in a rain barrel. Only buy what you need.

Examples of people paying for more then they need are endless. 3 ton giant SUV’s hauling nothing but a driver, expensive laptops to just send emails, shoe collections that rival a Hollywood movie star. The waste goes on and on."