LAP-BAND AP® System is Affordable

LAP-BAND AP® System is Affordable Low-cost financing options
Why travel outside the U.S. for surgery when you can receive financing here in the U.S.? There are a number of flexible, low-cost financing options available to you. CareCredit®, the nation’s leading patient financing program, has created low-interest payment plans offered exclusively for LAP-BAND® System patients. CareCredit® offers a variety of payment plans to offer you the flexibility to meet your needs. Talk to your surgeon about the best financing options for you.

Pre- and Post-op Support
LAP-BAND® System surgery is only one part of your journey to successful weight loss. As a patient you will rely on the support of your surgeon, bariatric support staff, family and friends to help you in your new lifestyle. Having your surgery in the U.S. means you can count on:
  • 9 years of U.S. safety and experience with LAP-BAND® System surgery.
  • Post-surgery support based on the LAP-BAND TOTAL CARE® Program which provides clinical and operational best practices to your surgeon and their team intended to facilitate optimal patient outcomes. The Allergan TOTAL-CARE® program is offered to LAP-BAND® surgeons practicing in the U.S.
  • Access to exclusive partnerships and nutrition, lifestyle and support tools with My LAP-BAND® Journey.

By choosing LAP-BAND® System surgery you are committing to changing your lifestyle, and you’ll need ongoing medical care and support as you progress through your weight loss journey. Having your surgery in the U.S., by certified LAP-BAND® System surgeons gives you the peace of mind and comfort that you will receive the best possible care as you continue your weight loss journey.