Birth Injury Overview

Birth Injury Overview: "Birth Injury Attorneys Serving the Greater San Antonio Area
Help for Families Affected by Birth Injuries in Austin, El Paso and Nationwide
'Over the years, we have handled numerous complex cases involving birth injuries and birth trauma in Texas and nationwide. In each case, our focus is on finding answers and producing results.' — Attorney Les Weisbrod

Medical negligence cases involving birth injury or birth trauma arise in a variety of contexts. Many times, the parents suspect that a physician, nurse or hospital is to blame for their child's injury, but the evidence can be difficult or impossible to find without help.

The dynamic trial attorneys of Miller Weisbrod , represent families in Texas and across the country that have suffered due to medical malpractice and labor and delivery negligence that results in any serious birth injury, including:

* Cerebral palsy caused by traumatic or hypoxic brain injury prior to, during or following delivery
* Shoulder dystocia and brachial plexus injury caused by improper delivery practices and resulting in birth injuries and lifetime disability such as Erb's palsy
* Misdiagnosis of fetal distress, resulting in injury to the brain or other organs
* Complications of vaginal birth after Caesarian section (VBAC)
* Failure to perform or accurately interpret prenatal screening for serious or life-threatening conditions
* Wrongful death as a result of negligent care or monitoring before, during or after birth

In a large number of birth injury and birth trauma cases, it is the failure of a hospital, physician or nurse to respond to signs of fatal distress or perform a timely C-section that is to blame. These cases often require a lifetime of care for the injured child. We are committed to helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve and to seeing to it that a settlement or jury verdict provides a lifetime of care for the injured child. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.
Experience Makes a Difference

The lawyers of Miller Weisbrod have vast experience in prosecuting birth injury cases in Texas and in many other states. Firm partner Les Weisbrod is past Chair of the Birth Trauma Litigation Group, one of the mos"