Maritime Injury Attorney

Maritime Injury Attorney: "If you have been injured while working offshore in California, you may have special rights for damage recovery under maritime law. We may also be able to provide legal representation and help you recover damages after being exposed to a toxic substance offshore. Every case is unique, so it is important to work with an experienced California injury lawyer for the best result. We can help you determine if your employer is liable for your injuries and if you are entitled to compensation under the Jones Act.

Your recovery could include compensation for:

* Disfigurement
* Future wages
* Loss of ability to care for self
* Medical bills
* Mental and emotional anguish
* Pain and suffering
* Rehabilitation
* Other accident related expenses.

The United States Congress has enacted the Jones Act, which protects the rights of seamen and crew members hurt or killed on all types of ships and vessels, including:

* charter fishing boats
* clam boats
* cruise ships
* drill ships
* floating cranes
* floating restaurants
* gas rigs
* liquid cargo barges
* log barges
* oil rigs
* party boats
* railroad car floats
* recreational boats
* scallop boats
* towboats
* tugboats

Workers covered under the Jones Act include captains, deckhands, housekeepers, engineers, fish processers, wipers, anchor handlers, sailors, laborers and all other seamen working on a vessel. In some cases, workers may be covered even if they are injured while not aboard a boat, or if they were injured while the boat was anchored. If you spend more than 30% of your time on a vessel, you are likely covered under the Jones Act.

The Jones Act extends to seamen the protection offered to injured railroaders in the FELA ACT (Federal Employers Liability Act). The Jones Act, previously known as the Merchant Marine Act, does not just cover those injured in ocean waters. It also includes protection for workers injured or killed in: