Cancer November 2011

The very beginning of November is a very positive time for brilliant ideas and interchange with people, especially in an international environment, who can play a key role in the new career plans that you have been nurturing in recent months. The emphasis is on being enthusiastic and positive, but bear in mind that it is no good if people promise you the world, yet fail to deliver. Superficial work done in November will have to be redone in December… and under stressful circumstances.
A series of solar eclipses are now taking place in the area of your solar chart connected with your daily life, work and relationships with colleagues, and it is in this area that key developments are going to occur over the next year or so. The eclipse on November 25th highlights the amazing expansion taking place at work, and how to deal with people, all of whom have strong opinions about how to proceed. There is a lot of exciting potential.

From: http://ping.fm/Ejikw