Aries - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Color: Red
Fabric: Cotton
Focus Area: The head, face and hair
Style Equipment: Clippers, makeup, earrings, hats, hair ornaments, button-down shirts
Rock it Out: layered basics with a pinch of glam
Put it Back on the Rack: dull colors, untrendy classics
Under Control: The Spunky Ballerina
Who's Got The Look: Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, Kate Hudson, Sarah Michelle Gellar
How to Pull it Off: Smile innocently and wear something daring like Sarah Jessica Parker who still managed to look adorable--and electric--wearing a tutu in her mid-30s. Pile basics together to create a complex masterpiece, and add a splash of red. Aries rules the head so let your hair be your crowning glory. Sweep yours into a classic updo or add accessories and earrings to draw attention to your face
Out of Control: The Vegas Headliner
Who's Got The Look: Fergie, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin
How to Pull it Off: You're a diva, so dress like you know it. Prove to the world that glitter, sequins and gold lame do have a purpose. Use your hair to add volume to your performance--the bigger the better! Dye it red, or sport a colorful head wrap. You've got sex appeal for days, but flash skin selectively so you don't lose points in the class department.
Under Control: Testosterone Machine
Who's Got the Look: Jackie Chan, Russell Crowe, Vince Vaughn, Method Man, Heath Ledger, Kevin Federline
How to Pull it Off: You've got a raw, masculine quality about yourself, and you need clothes that play up your Y chromosome. Stick to the basics--wifebeater Ts, baggy jeans, sneakers, baseball caps, a shaved head. Follow an open-shirt policy, or just don't wear one at all. Resist the urge to wear black, as it can make you fade into the background. Pinstripes add a surge of electricity to your already charged-up looks.
Out of Control: Costume Party
Who's Got the Look: Steven Tyler, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Hugh Hefner
How to Pull it Off: Every day is Halloween for you. Create a signature style like Playboy icon Hugh Hefner with his red smoking jacket, or Steven Tyler with his tight jeans, bare chest and pouting lips. Bonus if your fans can spot you from a mile away. Choose an alter ego or two, and lead a double life through them--like Aries Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, or Martin Lawrence in Big Mama's House.