Taurus - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Color: Green
Fabric: Wool
Focus Area: The neck and throat
Style Equipment: Necklace, chain, perfumes, cologne, body lotion, hair gel
Rock it Out: classic, well-made clothes amplified by tiny details
Put it back on the Rack: bright colors, big patterns
Under Control: Grace Under Fire
Who's Got the Look: Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz, Kirsten Dunst, Kelly Clarkston, Jessica Alba
How to Pull it Off: Picture yourself as a classic movie star, like Taurus Audrey Hepburn. She looked great in black and white and you do, too. Keep it elegant and simple. Choose solid colors amplified by tiny details like beads and embroidery. Your sign rules the throat area, so play yours up with colorful baubles, scarves and tops with interesting necklines. You're a thrifty girl, but your sign needs quality and a little luxury, too. If you want to save money, hit an outlet mall or designer warehouse sale.
Out of Control: Bullfight
Who's Got the Look: Janet Jackson, Carmen Electra, Donatella Versace, Rosario Dawson, Cher
How to Pull it Off: Like the bull that represents your sign, your look is sweet and fierce. Sometimes, you even like to shred your clothes like you've just been in a bullfight. Think: ripped jeans, cut off tops...all the way to Cher's live performance getups. Leather pants were practically made for you and so were sexy, complicated accessories like lace up boots and corsets.
Under Control: Men in Black
Who's Got the Look: George Clooney, Trent Reznor, Tim McGraw, Bono, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Cedric the Entertainer
How to Pull it Off: You're all about the black, from your shoes to your jeans to your leather jacket to your hat. Dressed in this hue, you announce yourself with authority and even stir up a little mystery. Don a tailored black suit like Taurus Al Pacino wore in The Godfather. Rage poetically in black molded rubber like tormented Taurus Trent Reznor. One warning: people may mistake you for a vampire if you pick the wrong pieces.
Out of Control: Pretty Boy
Who's Got the Look: David Beckham, Dennis Rodman, Enrique Iglesias, Tyson Ritter
How to Pull it Off: Your sign is ruled by beautifying Venus, and you've gotta look good, smell good, and taste good. Pick your brands carefully and splurge on well-made basics. Don't be afraid to play around with products, too. Try blond hair dye like soccer star David Beckham, or gel your locks into spiky, manmade bull's horns. Warning: unless you want the pretty-boy label, throw in a masculine touch, like a sloppy ski cap. After all, does the world really need to know how much you love to stare in the mirror?