Scorpio - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Color: Black
Fabric: leather
Focus Area: Crotch
Style Equipment: leather jacket, black T-shirt, push-up bra, fishnet stockings, hair dye, tattoos, piercings (hidden and revealed), silk boxers
Rock it Out: tight clothes, leather
Put it back on the Rack: loose and baggy clothes, unsexy cuts

Under Control: Simply Sexy
Who's Got the Look: Julia Roberts, Thandie Newton, Calista Flockheart, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Rebecca Romijn
How to Pull it Off: They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. As a secretive Scorpio, you're not exactly offering a box office view into yours. Shield yourself with a pair of glasses. It will only make things more dramatic when you finally take them off. Like Scorpio Julia Roberts, you like simple clothes with sexy little touches. A white oxford with the top buttons half-undone, a tank top with delicate lace trim--these details may be small, but they're enough to drop a hint. Interested parties are sure to get a clue quickly.
Out of Control: Vamp Around the Edges
Who's Got the Look: Winona Ryder, Eve, Bjork, Brittany Murphy, Kelly Osbourne, Chloe Sevigny
How to Pull it Off: Are you a good girl or a bad girl? It's kinda hard to tell. Your face may be sweet, but your eyes tell another story. Look but don't touch is the message you often wind up sending out. You're a trendsetter constantly reinventing your look, taking fashion dares few would dream of. Vampy styles turn you on, especially if they're made from black leather. This should be used sparingly or you may wind up looking like a runaway vampire.
Under Control: International Man of Mystery
Who's Got the Look: Sean "P-Diddy" Combs, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Gates
How to Pull it Off: Like Scorpio mogul P-Diddy, you like people to see how important you are. You look great in a suit and tie, especially in signature Scorpio black. You could almost blend into the background, if only you weren't wearing Versace sunglasses at 10 p.m. While mysteriously alluring, you can also be frustratingly hard to read. Every now and then, it wouldn't hurt to show people a little bit of your dirty laundry. Scorpio Matthew McConaughey has been busted playing the drums naked at home and this didn't hurt his ratings one bit.
Out of Control: Dark Angel
Who's Got the Look: Anthony Kiedis, Jack Osbourne, Joaquin Phoenix, Travis Barker
How to Pull it Off: You may have a baby face, but there's something smoldering below the surface. It's pure Scorpio energy and it may even intimidate people. Not that you mind. You're a Scorpio and you don't do anything unplanned. You like to dress in black from head to toe and you'll throw in a couple Dungeons & Dragons inspired tattoos for good measure. Being "different" from the crowd is important to you. Like Scorpio Jack Osbourne, you may rely on an ever-changing haircut to stay one step ahead of the game.