Libra - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Colors: Blue, pink
Fabric: Satin
Focus Area: Lower back
Style Equipment: Button-down shirts, expensive jewelry, tuxedo or ball gown, lingerie or silk boxers, cologne and perfume
Rock it Out: A harmonious (and expensive) mix of casual and elegant styles
Put it back on the Rack: wash-and-wear fabrics
Under Control: Material Girl
Who's Got the Look: Hillary Duff, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Naomi Watts
How to Pull it Off: Ruled by beauty-loving Venus, you've turned shopping into an art form. To you, the best of both worlds means looking both elegant and sparkly at once. Whether diamonds, couture dresses, or beauty products are your best friends, your appetite for luxury can border on insatiable. Lucky Libra Gwyneth Paltrow managed to make friends with designer Valentino. You'd be wise to make some connections of your own in the fashion industry, or just get a job! Learning to balance bargain finds with expensive classics can save you from breaking the bank.
Out of Control: Punk Rock Rebel
Who's Got the Look: Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Janeane Garofalo, Betsey Johnson, Ashlee Simpson
How to Pull it Off: Like designer Betsey Johnson, you prefer to make your own rules. Spiky or studded details are the perfect replacements for the gems your more materialistic Libra sisters crave. You're the original punk rock girl and no one wears black eyeliner quite like you. Balance is the key to success here. Avoid going head to toe in one color or your outfit could wind up looking like a costume.
Under Control: Boy Next Door
Who's Got the Look: Matt Damon, John Mayer, Will Smith, Hugh Grant, Usher
How to Pull it Off: Ruled by harmonious Venus, you're the well-groomed boy next door. Like Libra Hugh Grant, you've got the dimples, the charming smile, the nice manners. You're not afraid to spend money on a quality item, like Libra Usher who has a collection of ice-encrusted "U" necklaces. Some may even accuse you of being pretty. If you want to avoid this, go easy on the feminine touches like longer hair and earrings. You look best in a mixture of basic and elegant pieces. Adding masculine touches like a tie, jacket, or big ol' pair of Timberlands can help bring the look into balance.
Out of Control: Pimped Out
Who's Got the Look: Snoop Dogg, Tommy Lee, Flea, Wyclef Jean, John Lennon
How to Pull it Off: Life is a balancing act for most Libras and from the looks of you, you're determined to push things as far as they can possibly go. Zoot suits will never die in your world, and like Libra Snoop Dogg, you'll take yours with a matching feathered pimp hat. Decoration is not something you fear--the more outrageous the better. You may cover yourself in tattoos and piercings like Tommy Lee or Flea of The Chili Peppers. As the tickets from the fashion police pile up, you'll only laugh and beg for more.