Virgo - Your Style & Beauty Horoscope

Colors: Brown, cream
Fabric: Wool
Focus Area: Abs, hands
Style Equipment: Belts, naval piercing, blazer, delicate rings, thin earrings, glasses
Rock it Out: low-rise jeans, vintage suits
Put it back on the rack: complicated clothes, anything too revealing
Under Control: Glamour Girl
Who's Got the Look: Beyonce, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Salma Hayek, Rachel Bilson, Raquel Welch
How to Pull it Off: As a Virgo, you like everything simple and pure. Undyed wool sweaters, natural fibers, earth tones, simple gowns. With your earthy glamour, you can make even the most basic piece look stunning. Like Virgo singer Faith Hill, your wholesome beauty helps you crossover into the mainstream. If you aren't careful, however, you also run the risk of fading into the background or looking a little too untouchable. Make sure to add a few original details here and there to avoid the disappearing act.
Out of Control: I'm Not That Innocent

Who's Got the Look: Pink, Macy Gray, Cameron Diaz, Tori Amos, Nicole Richie
How to Pull it Off: Like blushing Virgo Pink, you've got a baby face. But being treated like a six-year-old ain't your thing. What's a girl to do? Shop like it's your first trip to the mall without parental guidance. Load up on the half tops and teensy little skirts. Defy the neutral Virgo color palette and rock some jewel tones, even black. Dust your angelic eyes with smoky shadow. The key is finding the balance between sugar and spice--the quantities you use can either be a recipe for success or disaster.
Under Control: Sportscenter
Who's Got the Look: Kobe Bryant, Marc Anthony, Adam Sandler, Nas, Prince Harry, Andy Roddick
How to Pull it Off: Virgo likes things to be in perfect order and that includes your clothes. You're Mr. Clean Cut, from your perfectly trimmed hair to your crisp white socks. (Virgo Michael Jackson actually started a trend out of his white socks.) Life is a spectator sport for analytical Virgos and your idea of a good time is lounging in athletic gear observing life and cracking wry jokes. You'd prefer to err on the side of being too neat rather than too messy. A thin, guy-approved earring is often as daring as you'll get.
Out of Control: BedHead

Who's Got the Look: Luke Wilson, Jimmy Fallon, Ludacris, Ryan Phillipe, Julian Casablancas, David Arquette
How to Pull it Off: Your style inspiration comes from a time before you cared about style. Like back in the day, when you rolled out of bed with your hair sticking up straight and wore the same, slightly tight Metallica T-shirt four days in a row. In fact, many of your clothes are one size too small, as if you outgrew them but didn't have the heart to give them away. For the most part, your boyish charm is irresistible. Just make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed or your youthful appeal can turn you into a spoiled brat like Virgo badass Liam Gallagher.