Decades of Successful Child Molestation Defense

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It is very easy to be falsely accused of child abuse or lewd acts on a child, but it is exceptionally difficult to be exonerated in court. 50-60% of child molestation or abuse charges are false, yet more of these trials end in the wrongful conviction of the innocent than any other type of criminal case. The legal system's ability to handle these emotionally charged cases objectively is severely compromised, not only by exaggerated media attention that fuels public fear, but a system based on conviction instead of the truth.

How Can You Win?

One charge of child sexual molestation can send a parent, professional or any adult to prison from three years to life. Due to mandatory sentencing, many innocent people are now serving long prison sentences. If you are accused of child molestation, it is critical that you understand what you face in this type of case and what you must do to protect your freedom, your reputation, and your family.
With over three decades of experience handling these cases, we have the knowledge, experience, and network of resources necessary to build a comprehensive criminal defense. We will use the following tactics to protect your rights:
  • Brief Banks: Case law dealing with molestation and abuse is complex. For that reason, our firm has extensive summaries of law on all important issues that arise in these cases. We call these summaries "brief banks".
  • Investigators: Our investigators are carefully trained in defense tactics and theories so they can gather relevant information that others often overlook. Even before being formally charged, a professional investigator can provide the information needed to dissuade the prosecution from pursuing a frivolous case or to have the case dismissed before going to a full-blown trial.
  • Expert Witnesses: Because our network of experts keeps us up to date with all the physiological, psychological, and medical issues concerning sex offenses, we are able to use the latest studies available in presenting your case to the jury