Capricorn November 2011

There is a sense of completion this November, and all the plans and mechanisms that you have set in place during the course of the year are bearing fruit, work is going along well, and perhaps you are in a peak position, with a lot of respect from your peers. Now is in fact the time to start on the second phase of your career project, which will be complete in October next year, when it will be time to move on.
For the major part of this month there will be a focus on social relationships, and if you have children, on their integration into school and the community. It can be a very satisfying time for friendships, and also a good time for creative projects together with a partner. However in the last week or so of November, you get more out of being by yourself and pursuing intellectual and spiritual interests that fascinate you. This can be an extraordinary time for spiritual and creative inspiration, which takes place in the seclusion of your own home.

From: http://ping.fm/S58HV