Libra November 2011

With your sign ruler Venus moving into outgoing Sagittarius as the month starts, November is going to be an amazing time for communication, education and travel. It is very likely that you will go on more than one or two quite long trips, and it is also likely that you will have the company of a companion who will keep you entertained with conversation… or talk too much. Whilst company can be very inspiring for you, companions will change direction at the end of the month and you will proceed on your own course.
This is simply a super month for inspiration and experimentation, and as you currently have the planet of personal liberation, Uranus, in your 7th house of partnership (for a number of years) you will take every opportunity to travel and meet people who can raise your game intellectually. If you are single, then Skype and text may bring you closer to an exciting prospect far, far away.

From: http://ping.fm/5R6za