Scorpio November 2011

The days up to the full moon on November 10th are characterized by your attempts to capitalize on your creative success and increased status attained in recent months. Yet it seems that success loses its allure, or that some of your expectations are frustrated. At any rate, after the full moon you become far more focused on the important relationships in your life, and the opportunity for building up something solid.
With your sign ruler moving into industrious Virgo on the 11th, you tone down a need for prominence and ask yourself how you can be of service to friends or a group or a social organization. In fact the next eight months will be characterized by the amazing efforts you put in to transforming group processes and making them more efficient. Your role in this period will be to work in a team of people whose main agenda is positive transformation and the reorganization of resources.

From: http://ping.fm/2TgRP