Pisces November 2011

2011 is a year when you can discover exciting new ways of earning money, and as November starts there is a dramatic expansion of possibilities, which can spread your professional influence widely. People with vision can be exhilarating to talk to, although leaders do tend to exaggerate the possibilities and promise more than they can deliver. With the solar eclipse activating career perspectives this month, there can be important new possibilities coming your way.
With Mars coming into the area of your solar chart connected with relationships on November 11th partners and people you meet generally push to get things done, and this suits you just fine. You need a sparring partner who can channel your ideas into practical outlets, and November and December are months when concrete results can be achieved because of the interaction of hard-working and conscientious people, who work on projects without getting their egos involved.

From: http://ping.fm/oB4eH